Connections To The Pleiades

Was that your first view of the false veneer that patriarchy has placed upon the truth? If you choose to join us, you shall learn that this veneer covers much of the planet. That a prime aspect of this era of transformation is connected to a series of discoveries of the first & original history of each culture. Now, onto the task of connecting the links.

Obviously, the link of primary importance to Stargate research is the connection to the Pleiades. A FULL study of the global connections to the Pleiades is a major study of our research team. The best brief overview is on page 7 of our study text, The Quest for Stargate ~ exemplified in the writings of R.G. Haliburton, in the journal titled Nature (December, 1881 issue). Even back then, he was able to gather sufficient information to offer some rather dramatic thoughts about the Pleiades. He believed that, a world-wide tradition of relating to the Pleiades had its source at a distant, beginning point in the history of humankind. An era when the constellation represented the "central sun of all religions, calendars, myths, traditions, and symbolism."

Haliburton recorded that "the ancients believed that Alcyone of the Pleiades was the center of the universe ~ that Paradise, the primal home of humankind and the abode of the Deity and the spirits of the dead, was in the Pleiades". I came across the writings of Haliburton at the first stage of my research. If you are as new to the total view of the Pleiades as I was then, I am sure you are muttering, "That seems a bit much!" The unnerving fact is, Halliburton only had access to research more than a century away from the present. In many respects, the current total of information makes some of his observations seem rather conservative.

In pre-Vedic (Dravidian) India, the Pleiades were referred to on two levels: as the "Seven Mothers of the World" (one of which was Kali); and as the "Seven Priestesses who made judgment on men. An ancient calendar was discovered in Tirvalon. Within that calendar, the time frame we relate to as November, was recorded as "Kartica", the Dravidian word for the Pleiades. In modern patriarchal India, the Pleiades, who were once symbolized as the source of the 7 Mothers of the ancient human/Pleiadian race & as the 7 Spiritual Judges of humankind ~ are now known as the 6 nurses.

That Dravidian calendar designation for the Pleiades is important. In truely ancient Greece, the Parthenon as well as many of the oldest of the Greek temples were astronomically oriented to the Pleiades. AND, in that Dorian era of Greece, the calendar was regulated by the position of the Pleiades.

The Doric calendar had two prime times, two times virtually forgotten and yet prominently remembered. A time frame set between, what is now, the 1st of May and the 1st of November, became the navigational season for ancient Greece ~ a time to honour the Pleiades, that had an archaic link to travelers to the Dorians. When one thinks of ancient/astronomical calendars, one thinks of 13 moons, and the solstices & equinoxes. But there were also four other significant times, the cross-quarter holidays, each half-way between an equinox & a solstice. The two prominent Dorian cross-quarter times evolved into specific days on modern calendars ~ May Day & Halloween.

May Day, the Feast of Life and November Eve, the Feast of Death. Though severely suppressed by the Church, in Northern European Countries (such as Ireland), there was an All Souls Day tradition of offering prayers for the dead in the direction of the Pleiades (an archaic remnant of the Egyptian ritual of the dead, which included speaking the names of the Seven Hathors/the Pleiades, to begin the journey to the paradise in the distant stars).

Following the calendar key to Ireland, we go directly to the Tuatha de' Danaan, the matriarchal society that brought the megalithic culture (giant stone circles etc.) to Ireland. From such sources as Ireland's Book of Invasions, the Tuatha de' Danaan arrived in their "cloud ships" from "the sky" or "high air" on May Day. Though they were recorded as "invaders", they have been remembered most for their peaceful talents of creating large stone structures, music & advanced agriculture. To this day, the folk memory of Ireland remembers them best as the "Gentle Wizards".

However appealing the title Gentle Wizard may seem, there is an important clue within their name ~ the Tuatha de' Danaan ~ the people of the Goddess Dana or Danu, a Goddess name directly linked to the Dravidians and archaic Tantra. Then, we have the shamrock, the most well known symbol of Ireland, symbolically inscribed all over the Emerald Isle as the triple spiral, representing Ireland's primal, three-fold Goddess. That same shamrock was equally honored by the Dravidians, and as the symbol of the "three yonis" it can be found inscribed upon many of the artifacts of the Indus Valley culture.

For those deeply involved in Irish history, the word Tara stands apart in importance. It is the ancient capital of Ireland, named for the Goddess Tara. An identical Dravidian Goddess was named Tara. BOTH were known by their title, "Star Goddess"

You may well ask, "What is the purpose of all this research?" There are three answers:

  1. This is not "all" of the research ~ only a fast, overview. The Pleiades connection touches the roots of every ancient culture on this planet. There is MUCH more to share within our portal, including the Irish, Dravidian & archaic Tantra connections;
  2. We seek to research, in field & paper studies, all evidence related to ancient contact with the Pleiades;
  3. By studying the cultural clues of such connections, we can enhance our awareness of our own starseed past.

Some groups prefer to focus their search for the past upon only one tribe or culture (and we greatly respect their singularity of focus ~ if for no other reason than they provide us with excellent research sources). However, anyone seeking to research the far distant past is aware that only remnants of that culture can be found. However, if one can verify a link between two sources, your number of remnants doubles. And if one can truly discover a universal connection, one can honestly hope to collect sufficient remnants to create a whole piece ... Then there is the factor that we are NOT interested in seeking a single culture's memory of the past. Our search is for the prime source ~ a universal memory.

For the Kindred within Stargate, and for all those involved/interested in this aspect of research, may I suggest an additional research site on the subject of archaic Tantra overseen by Nik Douglas, a quality scholar on the subject click here to visit TantraWorks

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