Stargate Research

The Stargate Group offers a wide variety of activities:

  1. Actual field research trips to Stargate and some thirty other related ancient sites;
  2. Individual and team studies of the information accessed from Stargate research, including incoming updated information from related discoveries;
  3. Seminars & Gatherings where the research and studies are transformed into real applications and activities;
  4. Individual and collective study of the Star Kindred factor. Because team membership is limited to those scoring above 75 on the Star Quiz, this aspect of the research and study is literally a project focused on "Know Thyself";
  5. An overlapping activity to #4 is an ongoing program that seeks to find applications for the unique potentials of the Star Kindred;
  6. A study of the prime symbols and the sacred alphabets related to communication with our cosmic cousins;
  7. An overlapping activity to #6 is the transformation of the communication and related studies into various levels of real application, including the original Stargate portal work;
  8. Three overlapping studies & activities that are shared in a form unique to the Stargate program are:
    • Healing work
    • Energy work
    • and the spiritual aspects of Stargate
  9. There are also three study programs where , already in the planing stage, they will be linked to total-application activities:
    • Atlantian
    • Matriarchy
    • Dravidian Tantric (even though you may have previously studied Tantric, it is possible that you may not be aware of the Dravidian aspect ~ this is an example of the quality of our research studies ~ the Dravidian culture is the original source of Tantric, a root source that is both matrifocal, and has direct links to the Pleiades).

These activities are shared thru the Stargate newsletter, Seminars, Gatherings, and field trips. The study programs are overviewed by various Team Leaders with skills/experience in the various subject matters.

Apart from the obvious expenses involved in the various field trips & seminars, all other Stargate activities are available to the Star Kindred (those scoring above 75) . Access to an unlimited program of sharings. Included at this entry level are the Stargate Newsletter and Mark's book, "The Quest for Stargate". The book overviews every major discovery related to the Stargate Research ~ and the Introduction and Chapter One are available to you within this web site. You will also receive a very unique, laminated, membership card ~ necessary for participating in any Stargate Gathering. Once we are aware of your specific level of interests/skills, you will be connected to a Team Leader for your field(s) of study .

DO NOT STAND OUTSIDE THE PORTAL COME ON IN! Somewhere within the Kindred, there is a place for YOU.

NOTE: We are currently not taking donations or further enrollments from Star Kindred. Please help us by spreading the word of this site and linking to us. You support is greatly appreciated!