The Real One
offers new doorways to the past & future

This is a space on the web for those who are interested in the Ancient Mysteries ~ including the riddle of the Ancient Astronauts; Archaeological mysteries from the dawn of humankind; ancient studies that directly link to the present & future... and Mysteries of history that link directly to understanding matters of the spirit.

The real Stargate was discovered & named in 1991 by Mark Roberts. The essence of that discovery was presented by Mark in the opening lecture of the World UFO Conference held in Sedona Arizona in August of 1992. The lecture was accompanied with a small book titled, The Quest for Stargate. In 1994, when the movie "Stargate" arrived, all involved in the Quest could hardly avoid watching the fictional version ~ afterwards, all agreed that we now had a perfect opening for any presentation of the research. "If you liked the movie, you will love the reality".

What is Stargate?

The word Stargate has become a merging point between fiction & reality. The cinema Stargate was an ancient time-dimensional doorway to the cosmos ~ with knowledge of ancient writings & star constellations as the keys to opening the gate ... The reality Stargate is an ancient depiction of a cosmic-portal painted at the entry to a cave containing one of the most ancient representations of the constellation known as the Pleiades. The star map and other ancient paintings & features within the cave have provided the keys to connect over four decades of study involving: decades of field archaeology linked to an ancient alphabet; Egyptian hieroglyphs; ancient symbols for the star system known as Sirius, revered as the Star Goddess Sothis by the ancient Egyptians ; and links to an even more ancient culture ~ with a directional key to a prime base of the cosmic visitors who had arrived on earth at the very dawn of antiquity.

The fictional Stargate offered a physical doorway for humans to step through ~ at present, the real Stargate has only provided a mental doorway. A portal-of-the-mind that has provided a means to step into an expanded mind-set capable of connecting a massive assortment of information, that individually meant little ~ now, collectively assembled, offers keys many of the prime Ancient Mysteries as well as a mind-link with our cosmic visitors.

Follow the Quest

The Quest continues to research, experience and unlock all of the secrets of Stargate. The small book (some 24 pages) published for the lecture in 1992, has evolved into a 150 plus page manuscript, a book in progress ~ a Quest in progress. The book will eventually be published in an orthodox format. However, the world wide web seems like an even more appropriate portal to display & share a full view of the Quest for Stargate. Actually, the Quest has already stepped beyond the ordinary format of information to be read & researched. For the past year, participants in the Quest have been involved in using the Mystery Keys to transform the information into participatory experiences in the realms of healing and the spirit.

Yes, this quest has a spiritual level, can any quest for ancient truths avoid this aspect? However, this is not a search that perceives the ancient astronauts as deities ~ we have looked beyond that level. Yet, would it not seem logical that beings with minds capable of traveling across the universe ~ would also have spiritual thoughts worth considering? Would one not limit one's perception of deity if you limit it to one tribe, one culture, even one planet ? The participants of the Quest perceive deity as universal ~ and look toward means of expanding their spiritual view ~ rather than fearfully boxing their deity within one place & one time ... Above all else, as stated before, this quest for keys & truths is a quest in progress.

We have no complete answers ~ we offer no dogmatic truths ... What we offer is ~ new ways to look at Ancient Mysteries ~ new perceptions to the prime questions. One specific feature of our quest remains a riddle to us ~ we have made some conclusions drawn from extended research & experience, but the final truth of this matter remains a riddle.

Mark Roberts, the originator & leader of the Quest for Stargate ~ has also been involved in a research project since the 1950's ~ research on a quiz that actually began as a psychological profile of certain English psychics. Mark & others, have expanded this quiz over the decades ~ such as testing the psychic potential of incoming students in his Parapsychology classes (at two Texas colleges). Then, out of curiosity, on participants in the Quest.

How Can I Learn More?

From curiosity was born a riddle ~ those drawn to the Quest ~ above all, those literally triggered by connecting with the keys & symbols of Stargate ~ are people who score very high on the quiz that has now been titled, the "Star Seed Quiz". Is there a genetic or literal star seed connection within our group ? We have no answer, but extended testing has validated the fact that there is a connection.

If you are interested in participating on any level of the Quest, we would suggest at this point you take the Star Seed Quiz. If you score above 65, you are on the right web page ~ score above 75, and we have a place for you in the Quest!

This perception shift created by the Stargate information is linked to these series of keys ...

  1. Every clue leads to the conclusion that the prime cosmic connection ~ is not a collection of little green men ~ rather, a cosmic Sisterhood from the Pleiades & Sirius.
  2. The prime sharing time ~ with virtually every ancient culture on this planet ~ was in the earth era of the Matriarchies.
  3. At least, in regard to the cosmic sisterhood, the intent of the visitors is peaceful. The tales of abductions & sticking things up peoples noses is far to rude & crude for the sisterhood.
  4. However, ancient prophecies & modern translations from England's crop symbols confirm that now is the end of an era ~ the era of the patriarchies ... Though it may not be a good time for male-chauvinists, in regard to fears about the incoming year 2000 ~ the title page for the last chapter in Mark's book says it all ~ "The light at the end of the tunnel - is not an oncoming train"