Current Conclusions Accessed From Stargate Research

  • The visitors from Sirius & the Pleiades have positive intent for their visits (past & present) ... This is not saying that we believe all visits from all cosmic visitors are positive ~ could one say the same about the intent of all human governments, past & present ? ... On the other hand, even apart from our research, could one really state, as some do, that all cosmic visitors have evil intent ? Humanity has had no few villains, but no one could be so negative or paranoid to categorize ALL human governments, past & present, as evil.

  • The prime source of our positive conclusion is a planet-wide intensive study of the positive effects (as told in their own histories) from visits from travelers from Sirius & the Pleiades.

  • Though we take pride in being able to point out specific ancient artifacts ~ specifically related to Sirius and/or the Pleiades ~ the key extra with Stargate research is ALL artifacts have related histories ~ and all are histories related to the sharing of positive gifts (primarily knowledge) ~ and the source of these positive gifts are, travelers from Sirius or the Pleiades.

  • The vast majority of the histories also relate to the cosmic visitors from Sirius and/or the Pleiades as holding judgment on the activities of humankind ~ however that judgment is universally consistent as standing for justice ~ offering positive guidelines for humanity to follow a path toward positive evolution of their individual cultures.

  • This study of the past is overlapped by our translations of the Crop Symbols in England ~ not one or two individual symbols ~ but every symbol from over a decade of time.

  • However, we stand most firm in our conclusions drawn from research from the past. The prime value of studying ancient records of visits from Sirius & the Pleiades is that those records offer the objectiviy of time ~ offer an opportunity of examining the positive memory a culture retains from the visit ... This sort of objectivity cannot be achieved second-hand from individuals, whose stories hold the potential of being effected by prejudice, fears, even misinformation.