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A Portal to expanded awareness ...

THE WOMAN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MYTHS AND SECRETS, by Barbara Walker. This is the best current source of reality-viewing of history and many other subjects - cleans away the patriarchal misinformation.

A quality companion book ...
cover THE WOMAN'S DICTIONARY of SYMBOLS and SACRED OBJECTS, by Barbara Walker. Not at all as important as the WOMAN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA, however if you have the spare funds, it creates a perfect set of research books.


Faerie/ET Studies:

cover THE FAERIE WAY, by Hugh Mynne ... The best resource book in an important
subject of research.



Books for those who quest for Ancient Mystery Sites, the adventure side of Metaphysics or the Metaphysical side of Travel Adventure...

PLACES OF POWER, by Paul Devereux ... Offers a quality understanding of Secret Energies at Ancient Sites - a guid to observed or measured phenomena (most locations are within the British Isles).

SECRETS OF ANCIENT AND SACRED PLACES, by Paul Devereaux ... Wondering which of Devereaux's to buy - if you are serious about this subject, you need them both. However, this book could well be described as the prime
primer to the subject of Sacred Geography - on a very global scale.

THE POWER OF PLACE, an anthology by James Swan ... A collection of essays, that will give you a global perspective to Ancient Places of Power.

POWER TRIPS, by Cynthia Corbett. A quality guide book to many places of Power - but, much more so, a guide to using journeys to Sacred Sites as a path to Transformation.

PREHISTORIC ASTRONOMY IN THE SOUTHWEST, by J. McKim Malville & Claudia Putnam. Eventually, the Stargate book store will share of a large selection of books on the important subject of Prehistoric Astonomy. This is one of the best books on that subject - AND serves well as travel guide to Ancient Mystery Sites.

PEOPLE OF CHACO, by Kendrick Frazier. Any quest for Ancient Mystery sites within the USA, contains Chaco Canyon at the top of the list - thus, a quality source study for research at home, and field study in the canyon.

SACRED SITES - A Traveler's Guide to North America's Most Powerful Mystical Landmarks, by Natasha Peterson. Take it from this old travel guide, this is the BEST traveler's guide to North Americas's most Powerful and Mystical locations.

SACRED SITES OF THE WEST, by Bernyce Barlow. If your quest is focused within the Western United States. Do not dare to depart without this book.

MYSTERIES & MIRACLES of NEW MEXICO, by Jack Kutz. If you are even more focused, on New Mexico - well, the author describes it best, the "guide book to the genuinely bizarre in the Land of Enchantment.

A GUIDE TO OCCULT BRITAIN, by John Wilcock. To travel to Britain without first reading this book, would be akin to traveling across Britain without a map.

MAGICAL AND MYSTICAL SITES, by Elizabeth Pepper and John Wilcock. The truely perfect companions book to Wilcock's above guidebook, would be thiseven better guidebook on the Mystery sites in Europe as well as the
British Isles.

NAVAHO & TIBETAN SACRED WISDOM, The Circle of the Spirit, by Peter Gold, with a message from H.H. the Dalai Lama. The similarity between the Navahos and Tibetans has long been an interesting Cross-Cultural study by Anthropologists, now the research has been shifted into a profound spiritual sharing.

STAR ANCESTORS, Indian Wisdomkeepers Share the Teachings of the Extraterrestials, by Nancy Red Star. In many ways the most important current book available. An important sharing of the AmerIndian connection with the Star Nations. For Star People, whose positive beliefs about our CosmicKindred - who have always had to argue with the abductee-people's perception - a major confirmation, stated neatly in the quote that begins the book.