Additional Stargate Sites

Every Ogham Thing on the Web ~ truly everything, check it out!

The Carter Connection - Alien abductions, monsters, conspiracies, serial killers and the millennium. Such frightening stuff is usually not associated with a guy who looks like a surfer, with an "All American Look" and a killer smile. But this is no ordinary guy. He is Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files and Millennium.

The Ultimate UFOlogists WWW Page is dedicated to the Investigation of UFO's and is updated weekly.

Karin's Exploration Journal is published bimonthly and is available free to the public at several Pagan/Metaphysical/Herb shops in the the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Check out the wealth of information at this site.

Crop Circle Connector has the very latest news, with high quality color images of latest crop circles. They provide a mailing list you can join for more regular updates.

3e Divine Library Online tantra's and other scriptures, Manteia dictionary of the mantic arts, Goddess Guide female archetypes and role models, Electric Librarian books and bibliographies, Alcheringa DreamTime art and vision, Special Access Guide alphabets and reference lists.

Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours. Experience incredible journeys to ancient and sacred sites throughout the world. Well Within's tours to mysterious and sacred sites are special in that you experience the power and energy of the sites.

UFO Folklore tries to present Verifiable Folklore in the form of Newspaper quotes, Government papers etc.,.

"The Message of the Engraved Stones of Ica" contains the results of about ten years of patient and systematic scientific investigation about the origin and meaning of some strange "stones" with enigmatic inscriptions engraved on their surfaces which were found in 1961 in a hidden deposit under the sands of the huge desert of Ocucaje, situated on the coast of the Department of Ica, Peru.


Beyond Boundaries
Specializing in leading small groups of people interested in UFO phenomena to areas of the world where sightings and experiences are occurring frequently.