Mark Roberts


I will strive for brevity ~ a nearly impossible task ~ for I am as old as dirt ~ my quests have taken me to some 97 countries ~ and my life experiences could top a full stack of normal incarnations ~ in brief, I have lived a very long and full life - and it seems now, that the quest has only begun ... For the astrologers, I was born in Enid Oklahoma, at 9pm, on the 12th of October, 1934.

Mark Roberts1934 was the mid point of the depression ~ and the Dust Bowl ~ and Enid lay in the geographic middle of the Dust Bowl ~ altogether, not the best of earth signs. As for planetary signs, some astrologers may have noted that there is a direct overlap with Alister Crowley ~ that overlap extends to a number of matters ~ however, extended research will show that the overlap is really a polar-opposite. I had two contacts with Grays in my formative years, contacts with unique twists ... My third contact came in the formative portion of my teenage years ~ and to say the least, I misread that contact totally ~ I perceived the contact as a "call to the ministry" ~ after two years as a Methodist preacher, I retired to follow the path of a field archaeologist.

Mark RobertsI traveled around the world, from excavation to excavation, searching for the roots of spirituality ~ before it evolved into the business of religion. In those same years, I expanded my spiritual studies with two key instructors: Thomas Maughn, the Arch Druid of Britain; and Margaret Lumley Brown (an associate of Dione Fortune) ~ studies that led me to the Dianic aspect of Wicca. I had no love for the restrictions of academically-linked archaeology ~ looking around for an occupational direction, I discovered a new business, one described by a friend as "full of misfits, just like you. Thus I entered the production side of television, evolving from cameraman to CBS stage manager, and prior to my retirement, director. Within my 25 years in television production, I also worked with a variety of documentaries as writer, producer, and host ~ one that I wrote & produced was directly involved in the creation of a museum and state park in Texas. One of the articles I wrote for Science Digest was also instrumental in the creation of a state park, Runestone State Park in Oklahoma ~ the article was "Riddle of the 'Viking' cryptograms", the cover story for the January, 1969 issue of S.D. ~ and now, chapter 19 in the anthology, Lost Cities & Forgotten Tribes , introduced by Isaac Asimov ... Though I prefer direct participation work at excavations, such as the SouthCadbury discovery of Camelot ~ my skill does seem to be best applied to translating ancient messages ~ with the Ogham alphabet being my specific talent, and Ogham is the key alphabet involved in connecting with the Ancient Mysteries being retrieved from the Stargate Quest.

Mark Roberts sculpting Which returns us to the purpose of this particular sharing ~ to give you an overview of the director of the Stargate Research Team ... There is MUCH more, such as the fact that within a contact in this decade, my blood type was changed from O- to O+ ~ to the score of my other activities: sculptor; teacher; travel guide & consultant ... Those details are included in a much larger bio available for free to all members of the Stargate team ~ simply list your team number (on your membership card) to an e-mail request & the extended information will be Emailed to you. Of course, the book, The Quest for Stargate contains even more details ~ and more important, about the research, not the trivias of my extended life.