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Chapter XIII

A Different View on the Millenium

The Light at the End of the tunnel is not an oncoming train

I will take the blame for that bit of humor - it seemed like the appropriate time for a bit of levity ... For time is the subject of this final chapter - that this is not the time of the final days.

I am writing these words in 1995 - the next 5 years will provide an interesting study in societal paranoia ... If you have been listening to the future-view of some fundamentalists - you would be expecting a near future of global-total war, death everywhere, pain everywhere, not a time to wish someone, "have a happy day!"

Actually, the real source of future-fear is within your grasp - it is your ten fingers. The fact that you/we have ten fingers, is the reason humans think in digital/decimal terms.

Have you ever observed how we categorize historical/social events by decades. We speak of the '80s, the decade of the Yuppies etc. etc. ? Broader categories are used to designate society/history by each century ... Common sense tells us that life patterns do not stop/start with the neatness of decimal counts - but, we still do it. We do it on every level. The fixation is most noticeable in our attitude toward the simple, inanimate, odometer. Even while driving in hectic traffic, we sense a need to share our concentration with the magic moment of emerging zeroes as a millennium of miles approaches.

Since the days of high antiquity, our ten fingers have made humans uniquely decimal-oriented creatures. We create a fictitious life-span odometer to our lives, and concentrate on watching 40 appear as if it were somehow, literally more critical than 39 or 41 ... I remember the almost superstitious rituals that my friends merged with my 50th birthday - the excess of "over-the-hill" gifts and party decorations .

This primal decimal-thought pattern evolved into a true fixation with the addition of the Judeo-Christian prophecies ... Thus, modern humans are beginning to focus on the apocalypse-odometer - watching the ever approaching moment when those zeroes click over to that ultimate future-fear number of 2000.

Humanity once had a healthy balance to future-fear. In the 30s & 40s, humanity held a high future-hope for 2000 becoming the Utopia-era created by advanced technology and science. Decade by decade the utopia hope has faded away. Now, I honestly believe that hope has replaced utopia with images of wastelands. The belief in science and technology has been replaced with blame - and yet, science/technology are just inanimate tools ... There is still plenty of time to learn to use those tools correctly - as the first photographs of this planet taken by astronauts, awakened a planetary perception, a world-view of ecology - I believe, an even more evolved perception, a Universe-view of life, will be achieved once existence of our cosmic visitors becomes accepted and understood.

However, we should not ignore the psychic-effect of hundreds of millions of people fixating on the mental image of an oncoming apocalypse - and that has all the dangerous negative psychic momentum of a runaway freight train ... Then, we have another freight train of negativity oncoming from another direction - the increasing misinformation and fear campaigns in regard to contact with cosmic visitors.

The powers-that-be that derive their power from maintaining status quo are seriously determined to prevent such contact happening on a positive level ... They have not hidden and covered-up previous evidence to prevent public panic. Polls and studies have shown that the "public" has no fear of contact - at this point, the misinformation and fear campaign has had minimal effect. The real fear has always been within the souls of those who benefit from maintaining status quo ... History is repeating itself - from the time the big odometer had just turned over to 1600. The great Polish astronomer, Nicolas Koppernigk (Copernicus) had managed to complete his work, and thus die peacefully - but, by 1600, all of his research and writings had been banned. And, as the odometer clicked over, the astronomer Giordano Bruno was executed for heresy - and Galileo was beginning to feel the heavy hand of official pressure on his research, the pressure increased with each decade, severely limiting his work - all in a determined attempt to delay the future ... Death and the manipulation of truth was the methodology in 1600, and now with the approach of 2000, history is repeating itself - first, an attempt to maintain the belief that the earth was the center of, and total reason for the universe - now an attempt maintain a belief that humanity was the total reason for the universe.

In the introduction of this book I referenced a "cosmic Deadline" - it is a deadline linked to the cosmic odometer - the purpose is to turn a potential chaos of negativity into a very positive factor ... A means to evolve humanity's natural decimal fixation into a state of positive openness for the future. No matter how you translate and relate to the ancient prophecies - or, just how you well you relate to the front page news - it is obvious that we are in entry point of major change. At the same time, there is ample evidence that today's society is weary of change. Those two factors certainly sound like an incoming problem - however, remember that as the odometer clicks over to 2000, there will be an expectation, even an acceptance of, major change. Even the apocalypse watchers will need some manner of major change - to replace the intense sense of anti-climax that will happen when they awake to a future with no Armageddon ... You and I have less than three years to gather all of the Stargate information - and share the fact that: Yes, we do have cosmic neighbors, they have helped humankind in the past, and though contact with us is one aspect of a major, incoming change - the end and the beginning of an era - the change will be positive.

If you and I manage to properly share the above message - we can not only avoid public-apocalypse-panic - for one beautiful moment, change will be effected at the very moment when the public will be prepared for it.

Yes, there will be a continuing level of extremes in weather and other natural calamities - not to mention all those new viruses. Most of which, we have brought on ourselves, with our lack of environmental values. To be frank, the one factor I can truly trust our visitors on, is their concern for major levels of negative energy - which such things as global war would create - if such would start, I believe they would find a means to stop it. Yes, there seems to be an increasing level of anger/frustration - but Andweka perceives that as a double Y backlash against the ending of the double Y era ... Yes, there are all sorts of prophecies related to a cleansing, a purification - and would you not agree that current society could do with a little housecleaning? ... Yes, this is an ending, but it is also a new beginning - and also a returning - to an era that all ancient societies remembered as "a golden age" ... Not an era with streets of gold, as some materialistic cultures envision - but an age of light, love, and peace - that is the essence of the final outcome the truly ancient prophecies referred to. After the cleansing, a new/old and cosmic idea of how life should be...

Nothing ... is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.

- Victor Hugo

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