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Chapter I

The Discovery Of Stargate

Here in this small yet grand oasis ...
I finally found the reason for my life.

- Padre Gustavo le Paige , S.J.

Welcome to humankind's most important quest, the search for the ultimate questions : In the whole immensity of the universe, are we alone? If there are others, have they visited us in the ancient past? Did they involve themselves in the childhood days of humankind? Are they visiting us now? If so, why ?

In 1991, while involved in field research for answers to such questions, my quest led me to an ancient artifact that, from first glance, I could describe with only one word - Stargate.

In 1994, a fictional movie, titled "Stargate" arrived on the scene - I could hardly avoid taking a look at what Hollywood had created from the word Stargate. Afterwards, those who knew of my research were quick to ask my thoughts on the movie. I smiled and replied that I had been provided with the perfect opening for my research report, "If you liked the movie, you will love the reality." However, I and all concerned, knew the matter ran much deeper than a catchy phrase - the word Stargate had become the merging point between fiction and reality. The cinema Stargate was an ancient time-dimensional doorway to the cosmos - with knowledge of ancient writings and star constellations as the keys to opening the gate ...The reality Stargate is an ancient depiction of a cosmic-portal painted at the entry to a cave containing one of the most ancient representation of the constellation known as the Pleiades.

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