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The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all art and science.

- Albert Einstein

Do you love a mystery? I do. But not little mysteries, just the big ones. Are you interested in: the mysteries of UFO contacts, past and present; the Ancient Mysteries, as well as mysteries of the present and future; archaeological mysteries that , when solved, are destined to rewrite history ; and the mystery of sacred power zones, what they are, and how to use them? ... If you said yes to even one of the above, this book was written for you. This book is about my activities with all of the above - over half a century of exploring and researching across 98 countries, culminating this decade in a discovery that tied everything into one mind boggling set of answers ... This could have been just an extended story of my travels. However, for decades, I have also been a travel writer and guide. Thus, this book will share the results of my research, and strive to tempt you to literally share the experience of my adventures.

This book is a do-it-yourself guide to the adventure side of research and metaphysics. And, your participation is needed. The discovery that connected all my decades of research, was Stargate and its star chamber - an ancient artifact that has provided me the keys to new discoveries, but above all, new insight and perspective on old discoveries - decades, even centuries, of previous research must be re-evaluated - and the keys of Stargate are continually opening up portals to pathways of new research. The quest is far more than I and my associates can properly complete - if we are to meet a cosmic deadline.

If, for some reason, you cannot participate in the field research - if you are limited to armchair studies - well, for all my traveling, some of my most exciting moments have been experienced in my armchair. There are full libraries needing to be restudied. Thus, there is a desperate need for armchair explorers in this quest.

If you physically can, and want to experience the adventure of traveling to ancient wonders, but have a limited budget for world travel - well, for all my world traveling, the Stargate discovery was made within a day's drive from my home in Texas. And, the historically most important discovery was made just above the Texas panhandle - quite close to my birth place ... If your future vacation plans can include a visit to any state in the American Southwest - please join the Stargate field research team. If your travel budget says "no", then you have the equally important task of searching in your own area of the world.

As for those with an interest in metaphysics - this is a guidebook to the adventure side of metaphysics ... In this era of virtual reality, you are told that one can create adventure from the right mix of electrons. In real reality, there are true wonders and adventures to be found within the mind & spirit. When you place a properly prepared mind and spirit within the environment of certain places (call them what you wish, Places of Power, Sacred Zones, etc.) something quite extra is created - something that no collection of words can describe - it can only be experienced ... However, with my extended experience in guiding individuals and groups to such power points, I believe the metaphysical aspects of chapter ten may prove to be even more important for those traveling on this quest for purely research reasons. Not believing in the power within ancient, sacred, power zones does not diminish the effect the area will have on you - any less than not believing in electricity and putting your finger in a light socket would diminish that effect. The phenomena experienced at power zones varies considerably with both time & place - yet there are several zones where my light socket allegory is quite close to the truth - and thus, can provide excellent learning experiences for skeptics of metaphysical matters ... Yet, once you have read, and applied, the basic safe guards within chapter ten, do not hesitate to travel to the power zones. You may even receive an occasional zap, but that will be a minor price to pay - to experience the adventure of touching the wonders of the mysterious.

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